Pass or Fail: The Calgary Flames’ new third jerseys

It's a good climate in which to unveil new NHL third jerseys. After all, no matter what you do, it's highly unlikely that you'll produce something worse than the Buffalo Sabres turd burger thirds. That's good. It's a low bar to clear. Buffalo has paved the way for relative apparel-related success.

Considering that, it's not really a bold statement to say the Calgary Flames' new third, unveiled Sunday afternoon at their fan fest event, is not the worst sweater of the year.

But is it good?

I'm not sold. It's a little bland. I mean, it's definitely better than the horse with the flaming moustache, and I'm happy with the shoulders, which, thankfully, don't feature that weird, completely out of place flag, but it's definitely not better than their retro third, which really should be their primary jersey. One of my favourite things about that one is that it gets away from an over-reliance on black, and this third unfortunately falls back into that trend. The tiny Flames' logo in all black isn't my thing.

Plus there's also a clashing font issue with the script running above it. It's a bit busy for my tastes. There are two prominent C's on the front of this sweater and that's weird (especially since it's more than the Flames have on their roster). I think if you're going for a script, you can't also shoehorn the logo in there. Am I alone on this? This seems like trying to have your cake and eat it too.

Reviews appear to be mixed so far, but considering how trendy it is to hate on new jerseys -- and how rarely we see a jersey met with even a 50% fresh rating, I think these might have to be considered a qualified success. It's a win, in my opinion. But, like, in a shootout.

Still, we'll put it to you.

Pass or fail: the Calgary Flames' new third jerseys.

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