Pass or Fail: Bringing back the 'stache

For years, the love affair between hockey fans and facial hair of players has grown. Those players who have adorned the long, flowing locks, bushy beard, or lip covering cookie duster are instant fan favorites. You think most hockey fans know Lanny MacDonald because he scored 66 goals during the 1982-83 season? Nonsense. It’s that iconic mustache that separates him from the rest.

In Dallas Stars Nation, there’s a debate going on whether or not head coach Dave Tippett should join in on the playoff party and bring back his mustache. Despite the fact that he's been successful in Dallas post-lockout sans facial hair. It's a valid topic of discussion that I believe should open a dialogue across the league among fans and teams.

Fans want things in the National Hockey League to go old school such as getting rid of the instigator rule allowing the players to police themselves; bringing back the old school jersey’s, wood sticks and smaller goalie pads. So why not a return of full-time facial hair? Atlanta Thrashers head coach John Anderson sported some lip hair during his career and even brought it back during an American Hockey League title run with the Chicago Wolves last season, but has since joined Tippett and gone clean shaven.

Dallas Stars color man and hilarious blogger, Daryl Reaugh, is a believer in the power of the 'stache:

"If we get down to it and the teams above the Stars are Chicago and Calgary, who have mustachioed coaches, then you could say that maybe part of the reason is the power of the 'stache," Daryl Reaugh said. "Other than that, I'd say the time is through with that mustache. The one that is trimmed down to a more sporty version would work. But the full lip duster is done."

On the flip side, Stars co-general manager Les Armstrong likes looking at Tippett when he has some free space above his lip:

"He's doing fine without it," said GM Les Jackson, who sports a mustache himself. "That's his personal preference. Whatever he feels like when he looks in the mirror, he should go with because he looks in the mirror more than anybody."

"You can't understand him as well if he has the mustache. I hear stuff, but I can't see his lips moving. And I think he looks better without it."

Since Brett Hull’s duties have likely been brought back a notch since the Sean Avery debacle, maybe he can add the topic of bringing back hockey mustaches to his platform as "Ambassador of Fun"?

For bonus fun, check out Joe Pelletier’s top ten mustaches in hockey history and pray that the picture of Paul MacLean doesn’t give you nightmares for a month.

Two options this afternoon for you in Pass or Fail:

1. Dave Tippett should bring back the 'stache

2. Mustaches as a whole should make a full-time return to the NHL

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