Pass or Fail: 2012 NHL Philadelphia Winter Classic logo?

Puck Daddy

The official announcement for the 2012 NHL Winter Classic between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers is scheduled for Monday, and the waiting has grown beyond tedious. The news conferences that never happened, the fake jerseys, the fake logos … in the end, any buzz is still buzz, but c'mon already.

The latest leak: The official logo for the game, set for Jan. 2 at Citizens Bank Park. The image above is from Crossing Broad, which found it on a Facebook page dedicated to Winter Classic news.

Kyle Scott from Crossing Broad, on why he thinks this logo may be legit:

This one very prominently features the game's title sponsor, Bridgestone. It's also complete with all appropriate ™ and registration markings. The design elements, which include a swinging puck (used the three previous years) in the bell and hues from both teams' color sets worked seamlessly into the logo, also give this one a little more credibility.

Also from previous years: The name of the city, rather than the venue, on the logo. At least for the last two; Wrigley Field was used back in 2009.

Meanwhile, adding to the logo's legitimacy comes this YouTube clip via Crossing Broad that appears to be a very professional trailer for the 2012 Classic:

Chris Pronger without the "C" shouldn't give you pause, as it just happened last weekend. Whoever uploaded the full clip also uploaded the 10-second outro on its own featuring the logo.

Anyhoo, smells legit, although perhaps it's not the final, final version. If this is the logo, you down with it? The Liberty Bell is well-trodden ground for Philadelphia iconography, but given its prominence on the Philadelphia Phillies logo, it makes sense, no?

UPDATE: It's the real McCoy, as The 700 Level has a shot with the logo on the Jumbotron at the ballpark. Check out the Rangers logo, by the way ... odd shape, no?

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