Pass or Fail: The 2011 NHL All-Star Game jerseys

Back in November, sports gear site Uniwatch revealed details about this year's NHL All-Star Game jerseys, including the interesting twist that multiple numbers could be appear on the same team (see: No. 12's Eric Staal(notes), Jarome Iginla(notes))

Today, the NHL revealed the remaining 36 players and 12 rookies to round out the All-Star game player pool and we got a look at what the players will be wearing on the ice:

Three immediate reactions: 1) Thank you for not including any piping 2) No navy blue or black? Thank you again! 3) Reebok really loves its stripes.

According to a Reebok spokesman, the stripes "reflect the new NHL" and the company wanted a "more aggressive design."

What puzzles us is that the smaller number on the front of the jersey will be centered above the NHL logo. With the smaller NHL logo on the collar, putting a smaller number underneath would make the area look a bit crowded and makes us wonder why it just couldn't go on the upper right side, opposite of where the captains' 'C' goes.

As we've mentioned before, what will be interesting is monitoring the sales of customized All-Star jerseys. We won't know which players are on what team until the night of Friday, Jan. 28, after the Fantasy Draft. The jerseys will sell like crazy during All-Star Weekend in Carolina, but merchandisers in every other NHL market will be working overtime to print up accurate ones to reflect how the draft goes. But will anyone take a chance and risk a Jersey Foul by getting a customized jersey before then?

We'll see, so until then ...

Pass or Fail: The 2011 NHL All-Star Game jerseys

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