Panthers and NBA's Nets corner snowbird market

In this age of economic worry, professional sports teams are coming up with more and more creative ways to move tickets and fill their arenas. We've seen mortgages being paid and haggling in St. Louis, buy one get one free tickets, and all-you-can-eat packages in various markets. What the Florida Panthers and New Jersey nets have come up with is a perfect example of the "out-of-the-box" ideas sports fans will be seeing more of in this economy.

The Snowbird Ticket Exchange Program, announced on Thursday, will allow Nets season ticket holders who head south for the winter to trade in their unused basketball tickets for those of the Panthers and visa versa:

"We know that some of our season ticket holders visit south Florida during the winter, so we are happy to provide them with the added benefit of exchanging Nets tickets for the chance to attend an exciting Panthers game not far from the beach," said Nets CEO Brett Yormark. "We are all about providing access, and now we are extending that access to the warmth of south Florida."

How did the two franchises come to this unique arrangement? Simple. For the past 41 years, the Chief Executive Officer's of the Nets and Panthers, Brett and Michael Yormark, have been twin brothers. Who better to brainstorm ideas with than your own brother, who has the same job as you in the sports industry.

At the moment, Nets fans would bet getting the better of the deal with the Panthers in the playoff hunt in the Eastern Conference and the team formerly known as Jason Kidd's is toiling just below the .500 mark.

Can we come up with some other creative marketing ideas featuring a National Hockey League team with one from another sport? How about "The Upgrade Package" where Detroit Lions ticket holders can go see a winning franchise in Detroit and Red Wings fans can fill out the starting eleven each Sunday?

h/t Neil Best's "Watchdog"

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