Panthers' Booth 'coherent, alert' after taking Spacek hit to head

Another tough break for David Booth(notes) tonight. In the second period of Montreal's 4-1 win over Florida, Booth was knocked out for a moment after taking a blow to the head from Canadiens' defenseman Jaroslav Spacek(notes):

Clean, legal north-south hit that the NHL went over in their video primer this afternoon after the headshot rule was put into place.

Panthers' head coach Peter DeBoer was having flashbacks to the end result of the October 24 hit on Booth from Philadelphia Flyers forward Mike Richards(notes), a hit that was a focal point in enacting the headshot rule.

“What's he's been through, we're all concerned, thinking about him and crossing our fingers,'' said coach Pete DeBoer. “When he got hit, I just hoped it was the wind knocked out of him. When he stayed on his stomach, you get pretty concerned.''

Florida GM Randy Sexton updated the media after the game saying that Booth was alert and coherent at a local hospital and that it's also too soon to tell if Booth received another concussion due to the hit. The Sun-Sentinel's Steve Gorten reported that Panthers expect Booth to join them on the team bus when they depart for Ottawa on Friday, no matter if he stays the night at hospital.

Hopefully the promising Booth can get back to the Panthers before the end of the season and not be sidelined by yet another concussion.

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