P.K. Subban protest song demands ice time, uses Village People

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It's difficult to understand the way Montreal Canadiens' coach Michel Therrien handles P.K. Subban. Down a goal? Expect to see Subban on the ice as the Canadiens press for it. Up a goal? Expect to see Subban on the bench while the Habs try to hold onto the lead.

Last Tuesday, for instance, Therrien benched Subban for the final 4:38 of regulation in a tie game, in what appeared to be a bid to guarantee the loser point before attempting to win the game in overtime. It's baffling. Subban is a Norris trophy-winner, not a rookie. The uncertainty and distrust with which Therrien handles him doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

But if an award for the league's best defenseman isn't enough to convince Therrien he's got something special on his hands in Subban, what will?

Why, the power of music. Cue Chris Pennington, with his Village People inspired anthem, "Why Not PK". The song debuted on TSN 690 last week, and it's pretty great.

It's just so bizarre to drive a jet like a car / He's your very own superstar

Quality lyrics there. The only thing this is missing is a video. There could have been dancing! You could have worn a police uniform! Man. I wish I'd thought of this.

But there's more. Not only did the song advocate change -- it appears to have made a difference. From Mitch Melnick's Blog:

Two days after Chris Pennington's song "Why not P.K.?" (imploring Michel Therrien to use his star defenseman more often) made its debut on TSN 690, Subban played 28:22. The power (tower) of song. Subban led all skaters with 8 shots on goal, most of them on the power play. Seemed ready to carry the offense - if only he could. His agent Don Meehan was in the building as discussions on a new contract have begun with GM Marc Bergevin. Imagine the Habs without Subban? One can only hope Bergevin feels as you do and tries as hard as he can to lock up Subban instead of sending him to, say, Edmonton.

The takeaway: not even Michel Therrien can resist a message wrapped in the irresistible disco package of the Village People.

Next up for Pennington, hopefully: a song about playing Douglas Murray less.

s/t to Sophia.

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