P.K. Subban presents the weather for CTV Montreal, is surprisingly good at it (VIDEO)

With the lockout in full swing, NHL players are left trying to figure out what to do with an open fall schedule. Many have gone to Europe in search of some in-game action. Some have stepped behind the bench as coaches for minor hockey teams.

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P.K. Subban, on the other hand, has explored his love of the news desk. Back in September, he guest-hosted the 20th season premiere of Canadian sketch comedy show"This Hour Has 22 Minutes." But, not satisfied being a fake newsperson, he visited CTV Montreal Tuesday and tried his hand as a real weather presenter:

A few highlights, for those of you who prefer to have things described to you:

• Subban is filling in for weather presenter Lori Graham. You meet her when he invites her into the frame just so he can shove her out of it. Another day in the life of P.K. Subban, doin' weather and shovin' dames.

• It's high-brow, hyperintellectual weather presenting: "As you can see, the hours go up," Subban says. Indeed. Time does pass chronologically.

• Subban thinks the big red L represents the eye of Hurricane Sandy. It stands for "Loser," he says. It stands for low pressure. And speaking of Hurricane Sandy, am I the only one who thinks, the day after a hurricane on the coast might be the only day you absolutely want to see the real weather person?

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• "One of my favorite cities, Quebec City, isn't looking so hot right now. Wouldn't wanna be there." I suspect Greg Jamison paid him to say that.

• "THE WIND. IT'S COMIN' TOWARDS ME." Calm down, P.K., it's just a graphic.

• Subban loves the camera so much he loses complete track of time and Graham has to drag him off the stage. If only they had a long cane. This could have been a quality a vaudeville act.

• And finally, while Subban is surprisingly good at presenting weather, he closes the segment by reminding us why he shouldn't be mic'd up on live television on the regular: After lamenting a lost joke where he was going to compare Hurricane Sandy to a woman he dated, probably in poor taste, Subban still manages to close on a cringe-inducing moment when he explains his ad-libbing skills thusly: "It's a switch. You just turn it on, and I just become retarded out of nowhere." At which point the control room freaks out.

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