P.K. Subban tries Tinder on red carpet for Canadian video music awards (Video)

P.K. Subban tries Tinder.


P.K. Subban tries Tinder.

P.K. Subban on what he looks for in a woman: "It's first sight. It's either a yea or nay."

Which makes him a perfect candidate for Tinder, which presents a photo of a woman and allows you to swipe left or right, signifying either "like" or nope" (which are, as it happens, synonyms for yea or nay).

And on Wednesday night, at the MuchMusic Video Awards (the Canadian equivalent of the MTV VMAs), the Canadiens' blueliner was given the opportunity to try the popular dating app for the first time. There's video:

"Which one? Both?"


Yeah, maybe. Especially if you're P.K. Subban.

He's doing it all wrong, though, by swiping left so frequently. The trick is to swipe right on pretty much everybody, to maximize your chances at getting a match, and then simply don't say hello or block the ones you're not interested in after a second look. Or at least that's what I've been told. What's Tinder, anyway?

Subban seemed to be getting the hang of it by the end. "If it's a maybe, it's a no," he says at first, but quickly realizes that's a foolish approach. In the game of love, like The Game of Life, you want more spins, not fewer, Pernell Karl.

Anyway. Congratulations to Naveena.

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