P.K. Subban shows many tricks with GoPro on ice (Video)

These GoPro camera videos the NHL is producing are quite cool. From Sidney Crosby showing his skills to this new one with P.K. Subban trying all sorts of tricks.

It’s kind of like you’re on the ice with them – though really we're all watching them via internet. Anyway, behold Subban, one of the league’s foremost entertainers, putting on a show for us:

This is all part of GoPro's deal with the NHL, which was announced over All-Star weekend. And at the moment the videos have yet to disappoint ... at all.

How does this rate against Crosby, the other NHL star who has a GoPro video at the moment? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But to see Subban’s moves, and his rifle of a shot up close is indeed something. The preview shows that there will be many more players doing ridiculous stuff on the ice.   

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