Ovi on Trotz; improved bluelines in Florida; summer of fancystats a media myth? (Puck Headlines)

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Patrick Kane censors a Team Canada t-shirt.
Patrick Kane censors a Team Canada t-shirt.

Patrick Kane continues to pose with fans while censoring hockey outfits he doesn't like. [Reddit]

Alex Ovechkin on playing for Barry Trotz: "Trotz is a great man even though I know that he’s a stern coach. I don’t think I’ll have any problems with him." [RMNB]

• The Tampa Bay Lightning were good last season, and with their improved blueline, they should be even better next year. [Bolts By the Bay]

• Another improved blueline: the other one in Florida. A look at how Dale Tallon made that happen. [Panther Parkway]

• While we're talking about Florida, who, exactly, is Roberto Luongo's heir apparent? [Litter Box Cats]

• And can the Panthers survive there? Florida Panthers' co-owner Doug Cifu on his team's chances: "The current business model is not sustainable.” [The Hockey News]

• Has there really been a sea change in acceptance of analytics in hockey? Or has the summer of fancystats been largely media-driven? [Sporting News]

• Remembering that time that Boston Bruins coach Don Cherry angered the 1970s Washington Capitals by making fun of how bad they were. It really is amazing that this is the same guy who routinely gets on players for being disrespectful. [Japers' Rink]

• The top 50 players in the newest EA NHL game, where Shea Weber is the only defenseman in the top 10. [Operation Sports]

• The Metropolitan Division was worth a chuckle for so many reasons last season. How's it shaping up for next year? Who got better, who got worse? [About]

• It's Andrew Barroway versus Charles Wang! Did Wang agree to sell the Islanders and then back out? Do you love legal documents? Then this is the blog post for you. [Lighthouse Hockey]

• Negotiations between the Nashville Predators and RFA Ryan Ellis aren't going so well. [Section 303]

• Why Alex Ovechkin remains a franchise player. [Washington Post]

• The Canucks add Perry Pearn to their coaching staff. [Canucks Army]

• At what age are defensemen most effective? [Edmonton Journal

Jordan Staal had a disappointing season for the Hurricanes. Is he washed-up? Or are the Hurricanes just not using him properly? [Canes Country]

• A sports talk show hosted, directed and produced by women? It's about damn time. [Hab It Her Way]

• The Blackhawks are going to have to move someone out to free up cap space. Who's it gonna be? [Cheer the Anthem]

• It's Sedin vs. Sedin in a penalty kick shootout. There are four more challenges coming, and I hope one of them is kickboxing.

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