Ovechkin breaks bad; Luongo yearns for Florida; explaining the CBA situation (Puck Headlines)

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• It's official: Alex Ovechkin has broken bad. [@ovi8]

• Speaking of Breaking Bad, here's the super-touching story of a Caps fan named Skylar. [RMNB]

• Speaking of Ovechkin, here's what he had to say about the NHLPA's plan to help small-market teams: "We want to help teams that financially are not that good and the league knows it. They tell [us] what they want and think that cutting our salaries and our contract years is going to help that. Why are they still signing guys for 10 years and not five years? It's strange and they look stupid." [CSN Washington]

• Speaking of the Washington Capitals, this post suggests that Filip Forsberg, Braden Holtby, and Mike Green are untouchable, while Alex Ovechkin is not. [Rant Sports]

• Roberto Luongo is down in Florida, practicing at the Panthers training facility and hoping he gets adopted. My favourite part is the headline says he's 'disgruntled'. [Sun Sentinal]

• Three-time Stanley Cup winner John Madden has retired and joined the Montreal Canadiens front office. [@Canadiens]

• Mark Spector on the CBA situation and hockey's economic pendulum swinging back towards the middle. [Sportsnet]

• According to Pierre LeBrun, in the NHL's proposal to the players, the league threw out the idea of delaying the start of the free agency period to July 10. [ESPN]

• And here's a take on the CBA situation by dummies, for dummies. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

• This guy doesn't like Gary Bettman. "Bettman, who comes from a hockey background of not having any hockey background whatsoever prior to being named commissioner, has no reason to care about hockey. I have no idea whether or not he likes hockey, but the facts are that he had never worked in the game before, having worked for the NBA for most of his career, and that since he was named commissioner, he has a record that demonstrates an utter neglect for the game of hockey and its fans." [Obstructed View Sports]

• Down Goes Brown digs up the original 1972 Summit Series application form. [DGB]

• Hey, remember that horrifying thing that happened to Richard Zednik's neck? Here's why you should have been even more horrified than you were. [Backhand Shelf]

• Braden Holtby looks forward to starting the year in the AHL. [InGoal Mag]

• Donate to the Pass it to Bulis road hockey team to fight cancer, play hockey with me, get a song written about you, or get the blog renamed in your honour. [PITB]

• Some milestones to watch for this season, if this season ever starts. [CBC]

• Jordan Staal is still optimistic the season could start on time. "I know both sides are trying hard. It seems like we've hit a little bit of a roadblock right now. But hopefully we can get through it and get talking again. Just find a way to get this thing started." If by "this thing" he means the season, that's one thing, but if he means CBA negotiations, he might want to shed some of that optimism. [Canes Now]

• How the KHL will benefit from an NHL lockout. Can I just say that this blog's title and tagline look not safe for work? [Fang Faction]

• Meanwhile, this post's title is NSFW. I'll helpfully touch it up for you: Don't be a foolish person, you're not stop to stop the lockout with a Youtube video. [The Pensblog]

• And finally, here's the most embarrassing thing in the world, as a goalie gets beaten in a shootout by another goalie.

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