This Ottawa Senators unofficial playoff anthem is terrible (Video)

Good rule of thumb when it comes to unofficial Stanley Cup Playoffs anthems: Those produced by the fans are going to be funnier, more insightful and more successful than anything produced by a radio station in a transparent attempt to glom onto the popularity of the local team.

With that, here’s Ottawa Team 1200 Sports Radio’s Senators playoff anthem, to the tune of Macklemore’s inescapable “Thrift Shop.”


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A few thoughts:

• The line “we’re Hab huntin’” sounds so close to “we’re head huntin’” that we assumed it was about Chris Neil.

• The Habs dress in all red too. Just sayin’.

• Their refusal to even attempt to rhyme either “Latendresse” or “Desharnais” loses major respect points.

• When you have a lyric in your song parody about how cold the ice is during an NHL game, all the listener hears is “INSERT LINE CLEVERER LINE HERE LATER.”

• “Going straight to Stanley” actually made our sphincters clench. Call it “the Stanley” is something we’d expect out of a Los Angeles sports reporter, not the capital of Canada. For shame.