Ottawa Senators troll Capitals on Twitter after win, somehow spark controversy

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Official team accounts trolling the opposition has become so commonplace in the NHL that it’s hardly a blip on the radar anymore. It started with the Los Angeles Kings’ brilliant feed and continued with teams like the Columbus Blue Jackets. It’s only really a story when the official accounts cross the line … like when the Calgary Flames Twitter called the Ales Hemsky contract “a joke.”

The Ottawa Senators didn’t cross the line on Tuesday night with a tweet following their shutout win over the Alex Ovechkin-less Washington Capitals, 2-0. And yet … controversy?

Always a pleasure to visit the other nation's capital when we leave with two points. #ThanksObama

— Ottawa Senators (@Senators) January 22, 2014

Yes, a #ThanksObama hashtag. Totally innocuous. Totally snarky.

Yet Comcast SportsNet, an actual television station that actually covers the Washington Capitals, felt it so beyond the pale that it covered the tweet as a news story:

It should be noted the Caps played the game without their best player and current NHL leading goal scorer Alex Ovechkin, but the folks in charge of the Senators Twitter account failed to mention that.

It's no surpise (sic) a natural rivalry would exist between the capitals of the U.S. and Canada, but the tweet certainly marks the biggest shot one team has taken at the other.

As of this writing, the White House has yet to comment.

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