Ottawa Senators second-round playoff anthem brings the awful back (Video)

We can't keep track with how many NHL teams have adopted the "pesky" dscription over the past few seasons to describe their team's feistiness on the ice, but we're probably in double digits by now.

The most recent team is the Ottawa Senators, who lost Game 1 Tuesday night in their series with the Pittsburgh Penguins. That's OK, you see, 'cuz the Senators are bringing pesky back, or so says the people from CTV Ottawa's Morning Live:

The thing about parody songs is often times the new lyrics will replace the original lyrics in your head for a long time. Next time you hear the Justin Timberlake version, don't think you won't hear "coach looks like a walrus" instead of "take 'em to the bridge".

Also, Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" must be huge up there seeing as how both CTV Ottawa and the Team 1200 both used it for first-round anthems for the Sens.

We'll give them credit for one thing: the appearance of Paul MacLean's "twin" was an unexpected surprise. Who knew he could be found somewhere other than behind the coach's benches in ScotiaBank Place?

We're disappointed, however, that the Spartan wasn't brought back for this. Maybe for the Conference Final video, if they advance?

Stick-tap Jordan

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