Oompa Loompas and Chuck Liddell party with Stanley Cup champion LA Kings

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We knew that if a team from Hollywood won the Stanley Cup, the aftermath would feature some … well, odd sights from around town. The Los Angeles Kings are champions, and are on TMZ's radar. Which means a party featuring the Chalice, UFC legend Chuck Liddell and jersey-clad Oompa Loompas:

Taylor Stevens, eat your heart out.

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From TMZ:

The Stanley Cup was a whore last night ... because it let all sorts of strangers rub their mouths and butts all over it for hours ... and TMZ has the pics.

The enablers were several members of the world champion L.A. Kings -- who treated Stanley to a night of mayhem at Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  During the show, the Kings were entertained by The Little Kings -- a band of little people dressed up like their NHL counterparts ... who used the cup as a chair when their tiny feet got tired.

We're told the Kings arrived to the party with David Beckham ... and were met at the venue by UFC legend Chuck Liddell ... who filled the cup with beer and had the Kings hoist it up so he could chug with the champs.

The Kings in attendance were Trevor Lewis, Jarret Stoll, Alec Martinez, Willie Mitchell and Jordan Nolan. Sadly, no Dustin Penner, which means no uncomfortable conversations about getting him a day in the candy room at the Wonka factory.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll go back to imagining what a game between the Little Kings and the Montreal Canadiens would look like.

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