On Batman vs. The Riddler night, why wouldn’t hockey players fight? (Video)

The Toledo Walleye and Evansville IceMen held “Heroes Night” on Saturday, which was a good excuse to wear incredibly awesome jerseys themed to Batman and The Riddler.

So if you’re dressing one team like the Caped Crusader, and the other team as one of Gotham’s most infamous criminals … well, you knew what was going to happen.


"Riddle me this, Batman: What has five digits but is measured in pounds?"



The game in Toledo featured four fights between the Dark Knight clad Walleye and the green question mark speckled IceMen, including Cody "Dark Knight" Lampl and Kevin "Please Don't Let Jim Carrey's Performance Define This Iconic Character" Harvey.

Here's another battle between the forces of justice and chaos:

The game worn jerseys will be sold after the final whistle during a live auction, with proceeds benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association, March of Dimes and the Walleye Wishing Well.

Toledo won in a rout, 6-1, so I guess we can look forward to “Batman vs. Joker/Bane/Scarecrow” nights. Our money’s still on the Penguins if they played the Walleye, despite their recent struggles.

 Thanks to the Walleye for the clips.