OMG, Daniel Alfredsson was wearing a (gasp) Ottawa Senators jersey (Photo)

Fun fact: Daniel Alfredsson has never been formally introduced by the Detroit Red Wings. No Ken Holland verbal fellation, no free Little Caesars for the media and no photo-op with a spiffy new Red Wings sweater.

So maybe, just maybe, the dude doesn’t have his new gear yet. Which maybe, just maybe, leads to this:

Photo via Allen Panzeri, Ottawa Citizen.

From reader Justin Cranford:

“This picture was taken this morning at the SensPlex. Alfredsson was skating around in an Ottawa Senators jersey, not a Detroit Red Wings jersey. SensPlex is the Ottawa Senator's practice facility close to the Canadian Tire Center.”

Alfie was doing some informal workouts with current Senators players. But considering how contentious his split with Ottawa has become, after signing a free-agent deal with Detroit, the sight of Alfredsson wearing his old duds sparked the expected outrage for a hockey story on August 19.

From SenShot:

With the hard feelings directed in various directions, this move seems to smack of Alfie taunting the media, fans and even the team. Its almost like he is saying “you thought you would never see me in a Sens jersey again right?”.

Its not like those skates are in a single pad arena somewhere out of the spotlight. It is at the Senators training facility and those skates are widely attended.

It just seems to be in really bad taste at the moment and a poor move from Alfie.

While we’d all love it if this was some kind of pointed trolling by the former Senators captain after things got nasty with his former bosses last week. But we imagine this is a hockey-fied version of “don’t hate the playa, hate the game.”

There’s no doubt Alfredsson’s going to have animosity … towards Bryan Murray and Eugene Melnyk. Not towards the organization for which he was the face during his career. Not toward the fans that he expects won’t feel the same about him.

Unless of course he’s decided to completely turn heel and troll everyone, in which case we’ll be wearing Alfredsson jerseys this year.

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