OK, so how did Mike Komisarek really get fiberglass in his eye?

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The Toronto Maple Leafs will be without the services of defenseman Mike Komisarek against the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday night because he did something stupid.

And while that rationale could typically infer any number of on-ice lapses in sportsmanship and/or defense, it appears he suffered some strange freak injury to his eye.

Said Coach Randy Carlyle, via Chris Johnston of Sportsnet:

"It was one of those things that you'd like to take back in your life I think, when you do something stupid," Carlyle said before Tuesday's game against Buffalo. "It was crazy."

Even though doctors actually cleared Komisarek to play, Carlyle and the coaching staff elected to keep him off the ice as a precaution.

OK, so where did the fiberglass come from? If you guessed “surfing accident” … well, it’s winter in Toronto, dummy.

Mark Zwolinski of the Toronto Star has this theory:

“It’s believed a smashed stick incident led to the problem.”

From Terry Koshan of the Sun:

It’s not clear whether Komisarek might have smashed a stick during practice on Monday. But Carlyle didn’t appear to be all bent out of shape about it.

We’ll just go ahead and assume Komisarek smashed a stick in a fit of rage, resulting in a chip being wedged in his eye. And not, like, someone taking a stick and smashing him in the face, although that would be an effective way to keep him out of the lineup.

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