NY Islanders PA announcer tweets ‘Cindy Crosby’ image, encourages chants

The New York Islanders host Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday afternoon in a key Eastern Conference game for both squads.

Veteran Islanders PA announcer Roger Luce? Oh, he’s pumped. And he wants Islanders fans at Barclays Center – at least the ones that got tickets before Penguins fans inevitably purchased the rest – to get pumped too.


So he tweeted this suggested chant for the game, as well as an image of "Cindy Crosby" with pop culturally correct Cindy Brady hair.

And to the surprise of NO ONE, he deleted the tweet hours later.

You know, it's bad enough that Luce’s using material that was trite and obvious when Capitals fans were making the same jokes eight years ago – the Cindy Crosby joke expiration date makes this chirp the equivalent of that Thousand Island dressing of mysterious origin and age on your refrigerator door.

And it's bad enough that this isn't @RANGERSBLOW69 tweeting it, but a team employee.

The worst is, as has been noted a thousand times before, this sort of thing is just off-putting for a segment of fans that already feel like NHL games aren’t always a welcoming place.

But hey, if the head of the league says “taunting chants aren’t intended to be sexist,” well …


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