Non-existent girlfriend of Manti Te’o caught on Jumbotron at Dallas Stars home opener (PHOTO)

One of the strangest aspects of the “Catfish”-like drama playing out with Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o is that there are people who swear they’ve met his non-existent girlfriend Lennay Kekua.

Only adding to the confusion: When she starts showing up at hockey games.

As captured by Ed Cahill during the Dallas Stars game on Saturday against the Phoenix Coyotes, this image clearly shows Te’o’s imaginary lady love attending the NHL team’s home opener.

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Wrote the Dallas Stars on Twitter:

“Our cameras at AAC are sharp! They just caught Manti Te'o's girlfriend in section 125 on the jumbotron!”

Well, obviously, it’s just an empty chair the Stars are addressing, which should enrage Clint Eastwood that they’re stealing his Obama bit. Lennay Kekua didn’t actually attend the Dallas game last night, although Te’o’s father later told the media that, according to his son, the happy couple were married in an intermission ceremony by a Supreme Court Justice (because, you see, he occasionally embellishes the truth).

In other news, it's apparently it’s a new era in Dallas Stars hockey.


No, not the fact that Jaromir Jagr opened his Western Conference career with a 4-point game. No, not the fact that Mike Modano is now part of the front office. No, we’re talking about the new era in cheeky humor that’s evidently dawned in Dallas.

Between this and their troll of the year at the expense of Tony Romo, the Stars are killin’ it this year. Although we're curious if they could have made a joke about an empty seat last season ...

s/t Sports Day DFW