No lion: KCBS angers Bailey, LA Kings mascot, after confusion with Slamson, Sacramento Kings mascot

The Los Angeles Kings took important steps last week towards finally gaining some respect in the LA sports market. They pushed the Phoenix Coyotes to the brink of elimination and are currently one game from the Stanley Cup Final. And, while they were having playoff success, both the Clippers and the Lakers were not. The Clippers were swept. The Lakers trail 3 games to 1 in their series.

But those two important developments were offset by a massive step backwards, as yet another media affiliate showed that they knew absolutely nothing about the LA's hockey team. This time it was KCBS. See if you can spot the error:

That mascot they showed just before the highlight package? Sure, it's a lion repping a team called the Kings, but it's the wrong one. That's Slamson, the Sacramento Kings' mascot, not Bailey, the LA Kings' mascot.

Bailey was very upset by this, and took to Twitter to let KCBS know:

After the local Fox affiliate's "Brad Doty" incident and the local NBC affiliate's logo snafu, ABC now stands alone as the only one of the four major networks whose local affiliate hasn't screwed the pooch here.

A fictional source credited ABC's lonely blamelessness in this regard to "using our damn heads."

s/t Nick B.