No CBC Sports feed for Pens' cancelled Game 3 viewing party

Just a quick update from yesterday's story about NBC not allowing the Pittsburgh Penguins to show Game 3 of their series against the Philadelphia Flyers on the big screen outside Mellon Arena.

Canadian rights-holder CBC Sports made an "informal" inquiry yesterday to the Penguins about offering its feed of Game 3 for the now-cancelled viewing party, according to Tom McMillan, VP of Communications for the Penguins.

The broadcasting legalities of running CBC's coverage in the U.S. aside, the Penguins have decided to keep the screen dark as per the wishes of NBC.

"We'd love to put the screen up there, and we were disappointed. But we'll follow the broadcast rules here. NBC had the rights to the game, and it's their right to do that," said McMillan. "We won't have the big screen on Sunday, but we'll have it back on for Tuesday when the game's on FSN Pittsburgh."

There's a part of us that would have loved to see the Penguins and CBC get a little punk rock and hold a protest viewing just to stick it to the Peacock. But like we said yesterday: It's NBC's sandbox, and the NHL and hockey fans are stuck playing in it. The real tragedy is the reality that a few dozen fans with ratings boxes in Pittsburgh mean that much to the success or failure of the NHL's national ratings.

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