NJ Devils fan’s desk turned into LA Kings Stanley Cup shrine, thanks to devious co-workers’ prank

Chris is a New Jersey Devils fan. Chris's team having lost to the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Final this month. Chris works in an office with devious friends plotting embarrassing pranks inside of their cubicles.

Chris went on vacation at the wrong time (s/t Tonight's Healthy Scratches):

Now, we've seen taunting desk decoration before, but this is … epic.

The choice of art, from the Pete DeBoer scowl to the Jeff Carter of Mars parody posters. The meticulous placement of the pennants. The replica Stanley Cup warming his seat. The balloons and streamers. And, of course, the hockey and/or duct tape Kings logo on the floor.

Granted, it still can't top the Boston Bruins fan prank from Ibex Outdoor Clothing a year ago, when a Montreal Canadiens fan's entire office was painted black and gold. But it still was a hell of a prank on a Devils fan.

s/t The Royal Half, via Tonight's Healthy Scratches