Nightmare fuel: Zdeno Chara dressed as a rabbit

You don't have to be Buffy's Anya Jenkins to find this terrifying: It's Zdeno Chara dressed like a 7-foot-tall pink bunny rabbit. Here he is, flanked by his Boston Bruins teammates during a Halloween-themed visit to the Children's Hospital that somehow turned into a reenactment of the hospital scene from "Akira."

Before you accuse me of photoshopping (the shadows are all wrong!), yes, this photo, tweeted Tuesday afternoon by NESN's Naoko Funayama, is real.

It's also downright ghastly. One wonders if the plan here was to buoy the children's spirits with a visit from their favorite hockey players or remind them that there are worse things to fear than their illnesses.

On the scale of horrifically oversized, nightmarish rabbits, I'm placing Big Pink somewhere between "Donnie Darko's" Frank and "Harvey's" Harvey, and definitely closer to the former than the latter. If the spectre of death and Zdeno Chara called me from opposite ends of a hallway, and Chara was wearing the bunny suit above, I can safely say I'd think long and hard before deciding which way to go.

But seriously, where in the crap did Chara find this outfit? Who sells bunny costumes for adult males pushing 7 feet? Mr. Big & Tall's Halloween emporium?

Note: I cannot believe I didn't realize that Chara's outfit is the bunny pajamas given to Ralphie by his Aunt Clara in "The Christmas Story." I do believe that, when he put them on, his father said he looked like "a pink nightmare." How fitting.

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