Nicola Roberts, British pop star, wears Canadiens jersey to a TV premiere (PHOTO)

Harrison Mooney

Nicola Roberts is a British pop star that made her name with the girl group Girls Aloud. (They sang the song Hugh Grant danced to in 'Love Actually'. They're no Billy Mack, but it was a good scene.)

These days, she's making the transition to fashion icon, which is one of those weird, dishonest labels that celebrities get once they can afford to wear designer clothes.

Roberts' big debut as a professional fashionista was last week at the premiere of her new fashion reality show, Styled to Rock. As a mentor on the show, most expected her to show up in something that attested to her authority on the subject.


Instead, she arrived in an oversized Montreal Canadiens jersey and white heels for some reason.

The choice really made no sense. As best as I can gather, she has no ties to Canada, hockey, the Canadiens, or even Viggo Mortensen.

The outfit was poorly received, especially since it was poorly understood. Most thought it was some sort of attempt to pay homage to the London Olympics, which doesn't really make any sense since hockey's not a summer sport. But many had no idea what sport the jersey was from. From Yahoo's British celeb blog The Juice:

Nicola Roberts stepped out in this American football inspired baggy dress last night. But do you love it or do you hate it?

... Possibly an attempt to channel Olympic fever, although we are not sure American Football is a legit Olympic sport, Nic stepped out in this odd frock.

... It sort of looks like when we put on our boyfriend's jumper to go to bed. If our boyfriend was an American football player, anyway.

... I think they think it's an American Football jersey.

A word of advice to Nicola Roberts: the next time you decide to rock the I-spent-last-night-with-Jay-Baruchel look on the red carpet, do it in a country that knows what hockey is.

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