Nicklas Lidstrom appreciation; Kopitar makes Quick giggle; Luongo and Leafs (Puck Headlines)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Jason Rogers sends over this Jersey Foul from Game 1. Hey, gotta support the team.

• Watch "Anzie" Kopitar crack up Jon Quick when he's asked about going backhand on his forehand goal (5:41). The look Quick gives him after the question is priceless. [Jewels From The Crown]

• We don't want to say the ice conditions in New Jersey were bad, but Dustin Brown said it was like playing with a tennis ball. [NYT]

• Adam Proteau on Bob Hartley, hired by the Calgary Flames: "Nothing Hartley says or does is going to make that Flames team deeper and younger. Nothing any coach says or does will turn back the hands of time on Iginla or Kiprusoff. No Herb Brooks-like speech or tactical adjustment will turn Jay Bouwmeester into something better than the mid-tier, overpaid blueliner he obviously is." [THN]

• Hartley will bring Cloutier with him. No, don't worry about the Flames' goaltending giving up beach balls — Jacques Cloutier. [Flames]

• Josh Cooper of The Tennessean opines that Ryan Suter might not want to come to Detroit because it means replacing Nick Lidstrom. The Chief, uh, disagrees: "Let me get this straight.  A player of Suter's caliber would turn down a huge Detroit offer because of the difficulty involved with "replacing" Lidstrom? Dumbass.  First, you don't 'replace' Nick Lidstrom. No one would ever expect that out of Ryan Suter or anyone else." [A2Y]

• Malik on Lidstrom retiring: "I'm f***ing speechless and don't know what the hell to say to comfort anyone right now. This is…This is like losing a part of your heart and your soul. All I can say is this: what a remarkable, remarkable human being we have been privileged to watch play hockey and be a good, kind and decent man over the past 20 years. The team will not fade away because of the examples and lessons he taught them, and because the Wings will be more aggressive than we've ever seen them in terms of assuring that the drop-off in the post-Lidstrom era is as small as humanly possible, but things will always be different after today." [Malik]

• How Lidstrom transformed Detroit from Dead Things to Dynasty. [Cult of Hockey]

• Drew Sharp says the pressure is now on Ken Holland: "They've had challenges before, but not like this. Holland called Lidstrom the NHL most valuable player of his generation. You don't replace that. You find another path. That's the greatest challenge awaiting Holland. If he takes the wrong road in the coming weeks, he'll wonder if he really should've followed Lidstrom out the front door." [Freep]

• Here's a timeline on Lidstrom's career. [Red Wings]

• Brian Burke would like to add a goaltender to the Toronto Maple Leafs. [QMI]

• Say, might that goalie be named Roberto Luongo? [Our Hometown]

• Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr did some dancing at the Cup Final. Not, like, with each other. But around the CBA issues. [Sporting News]

• CBC's playoff montage was killer. BECAUSE IT USED THE KILLERS YOU SEE.

• Ellen Etchingham takes CBC to the woodshed for While The Men Watch: "I'm not going to ask the CBC to take it down. Rather, I have a humbler request. Dear CBC: don't lie to me. Keep up your party line, if that's what you have to do to feel good about this. Say it's fun, it's light, it's silly. Say it's just a gag and it's making a ton of controversy and controversy means ratings and it's all good for business. Say you honestly don't give a [crap] whether you perpetuate gender stereotypes or feed into already existing negative views of female sports fans so long as it gets ratings. But stop lying. Stop patronizing me.  Stop telling the world that this is groundbreaking or thought-provoking or different." [Backhand Shelf]

• The Columbus Blue Jackets ink Derek MacKenzie for two years and $2 million. [Puck-Rakers]

• This is a long, but entertaining, take on Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller. [Die By The Blade]

• Mirtle goes behind the numbers on the Kings' Game 1 win, and more to the point the Devils' Game 1 loss. [Globe & Mail]

• Who are the NHL's top defensive pairings? These guys. [NHL Numbers]

• Marlies vs. Admirals for the Calder Cup. [Slam]

• Gear heads: Check out this insightful bit with Philippe Dube, GM of CCM-Reebok. [From The Point]

• Finally, a leftover from Game 1, as Ryan Carter can't handle Ilya Kovalchuk's smells.

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