Nick Leddy threatened by Twitter user, NHL security intervenes

Nick Leddy threatened by Twitter user, NHL security intervenes

The ugly side of social media showed its face on Tuesday, and now New York Islanders defenseman Nick Leddy is working with NHL security after a public threat.

A Twitter user named ‘NoorsSlut’ posted an image of Leddy’s Minnesota driver’s license and a MasterCard debit card with “Nicholas Leddy” on it. The user also posted images of an unidentified woman posing with Leddy, with derogatory words written over her face and body in Photoshop. The same woman appeared as the avatar on user’s account.

While the Tweets were later deleted, there were also reports of death threats towards Leddy originating from the account. Two of the tweets:

That account was shut down.

Sydney Esiason, a host on and the girlfriend of the Islanders’ Matt Martin, was featured in one of the tweeted photos. She was also sent harassing messages from a different account that’s still active, including:

“Ding ding the whore is back.. Can't keep off don't worry I know where you live and working on where your slut friend lives.”

Islanders fans alerted both Twitter and the Nassau County police about the tweets.

According to Gino Reda of TSN, “The Islanders say Nick Leddy and his family are fine and that the team is working with NHL security in addition to local and state authorities to track down the person involved.”

According to a source, Leddy had been getting harassing messages for several months. The woman pictured in the images isn't romantically involved with Leddy, and yet the Twitter stalker found her name and information to create a fake account based from an Instagram photo. Which is about as creepy as it gets.

Hopefully they’re able to locate the person or people behind this, and ensure that this kind of harassment doesn’t go unchecked.