NHL Stadium Series logos leak for Red Wings, Avalanche and Wild

One of the ways the NHL tries to differentiate between the Winter Classic and its Stadium Series games – besides inviting teams beyond the nine seemingly on repeat for Jan. 1 – is through its jerseys and logo designs.

Rather than throwbacks, these uniforms are typically spiffy takes on their current wardrobe, like the Los Angeles Kings’ white pants or the New York Rangers’ lettering, shiny and chrome like it’s on the way to Valhalla.

This season, the Detroit Red Wings are visiting the Colorado Avalanche and the Minnesota Wild are hosting the Chicago Blackhawks, which means four new designs for the Stadium Series. Or three new designs and whatever they do for the Blackhawks’ annual outdoor game. Ah, the spoils of victory and/or the perils of fame ...

According to a recently released Reebok catalogue that was screen-capped by graphic designer Conrad Burry, the Wild, Avalanche and Red Wings will all have new looks for the games.

Above are gray hoodies with the Stadium Series logos. The Avs’ one leaked a while ago, and the Red Wings one seems to confirm the “sash design” that Chris Creamer of Sportslogos reported on earlier this summer.

Here's some gear for Chicago and Minnesota:


The Wild logo … wow. What on earth is that going to look like as a completed product?

(Keep in mind it’s been reported that the Minnesota North Stars players in the Wild alumni game will be wearing hybrid Wild/Stars jerseys, which are awesome.)

And the Blackhawks will wear white or something. They’re over it.

s/t Sportslogos