NHL players rocking ‘Puck Gary’ lockout hats, because that’ll end the labor war (PHOTO)

The public animosity from NHL players against Gary Bettman has increased dramatically in the last week, what with Kris Versteeg calling him a "cancer" and Ian White calling him an "idiot".

Now comes word, via Louis Jean of TVA, that players practicing in Montreal have been spotted in these classy caps:

Yes, that's the official "Puck Gary" hat. We assume "Commissioner Poopie Doodie Poo-Poo Face" was too lengthy for the embroidery kiosk at the mall.

According to TVA, the hats aren't endorsed by the National Hockey League Players Association. At least not officially; there are those who suspect some of these nasty little verbal jabs are part of a coordinated effort by the NHLPA to smear the commissioner.

Dave Stubbs reports that Montreal Canadiens forward Erik Cole told him the "Puck Gary" lockout hats "might be available to public, all proceeds to charity." No word if that charity is the players' petty cash fund as the lockout continues …

The hats are juvenile and stupid and do more to besmirch the good name of the NHLPA than the tarnished one of Gary Bettman.

But that's not why they're offensive.

They're offensive because, once again, the players go for the cheap heat of the Gary Bettman Lightning Rod rather than biting the hand that feeds them.

"Puck Gary" … easy.

Erik Cole rocking a "Geoff Mol-S.O.B" or a "Peter Karmon-ass" hat … yeah, not likely. And yet both are a party, and in the latter case a driving force, to this lockout.