NHL Players Poll: Which team has the worst home ice?

NHL Players Poll: Which team has the worst home ice?

(Ed. Note: While attending the NHL Players Media Tour in September, we polled 27 skaters and goalies about a few topics in the League. Their answers are anonymous to encourage candor.)

There’s really nothing more delightfully squirmy than when you ask an NHL player which arena has the worst ice, they pause, and then earnestly ask if they’re allowed to vote for their own team’s rink.

Well, of course you are; and as part of our anonymous NHL Players Poll, we’ll protect those who believe their home ice is the worst.

We asked 27 NHL players – skaters and goalies, veteran and rookies – which NHL arena has the worst ice. And there was an overwhelming favorite as the League’s mushiest, sloppiest rink:


Yes indeed, the Florida Panthers and their muggy humidity have produced the worst ice in the NHL.

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The Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings and Tampa Bay Lightning also had multiple votes in our poll, followed by several teams that garnered at least a vote:


Every division had at least one team mentioned. The Vancouver Canucks were the only Canadian team to make the list.

We also had one player who said he was torn between his NHL team selection and “outdoor games” in general.

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