NHL players have mostly terrible celebrity crushes (Video)

The NHL recently polled some of its star players about their celebrity crushes, which is as hetero as the Kiss-Cam but twice as awkward.

Watch as these professional athletes squirm as they (a) think of a celebrity that won’t expose them as a complete horn dog or (b) think of a celebrity that their wives or girlfriends will find unobjectionable or (c) think of any celebrity, in the case of old guy Dan Boyle, who hasn’t watched “Entertainment Tonight” since it covered the premiere of “Grease.”

A few reactions:

1. Jonathan Huberdeau’s crush is Katy Perry. Couple that with him being a Florida Panthers star, and if they don’t play “Roar” after every one of his goals they’re doing it wrong.

2. Rick Nash’s crush is Gwen Stefani, which means his pregame warm-up music is likely delivered via Walkman.

3. Taylor Hall’s crush is Kate Upton, which means this is truly a player that, ahem, creates his own offense on a nightly basis nudge nudge wink.

4. Sidney Crosby’s crush is Jennifer Garner, which is odd because it used to be Eva Mendes five years ago. Maybe this secretly means he wants to be Ben Affleck. Which means he wants to be Batman. Which means things might be awkward with Sid and Geno again.

5. Logan Couture’s crush is Selena Gomez, which we assume is some twisted Bieber-hate thing.

6. Finally, we’d like to applaud Mark Staal, Matt Duchene and David Backes for correctly answering the question with crush-worthy individuals. Staal and Duchene said Rachel McAdams, who is not only Rachel McAdams but also a puckhead.

Backes said Anna Kendrick which, again, is a fantastic answer. It also like means Backes has watched “Pitch Perfect” as obsessively as the rest of us on HBO. Aca-ceptable.