NHL, NHLPA agree on 10-year CBA term, but lockout not done yet: Report

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The NHL and NHLPA continued to inch towards an end to the lockout on Saturday in New York City, with mediator Scot Beckenbaugh meeting with the sides individually and then bringing them together for a negotiating session.

According to Tom Gulitti of the Bergen Record, there’s been one bit of progress:

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“It sounds like players have agreed to 10-year CBA with mutual out after Year 8. Were previously looking for the out after Year 7.”

The two sides had previously agreed on a 10-year CBA term earlier in the week, but the NHLPA wanted an opt-out after seven years, meaning we could go through this labor hell three times in 14 years.

Other CBA notes as of 7 p.m. ET:

• The NHLPA’s players completed their vote to authorize Donald Fehr to file a disclaimer of interest with the NHL. The players had previously authorized the move, which would be the first step in dissolving the union in a nuclear option, but Fehr decided not to use the option earlier in the week.

• Larry Brooks of the NY Post reports that the “league has indicated a willingness to come off $60 [million cap] for next year, maybe $63-64M.” It’s an expected concession, considering the NHLPA was seeking a $65 million cap.

• Multiple sources indicate that the NHL is seeking more than a 48-game season, potentially upwards of 52 games. Oh, non-conference games, please be included in this plan.

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