New NHL mascot commercials are the best thing you’ll see today (Video)

This may just be the Vancouver fan in me speaking, but I don't think Fin gets enough love as an NHL mascot. For my money, he's one of the best in the business at mining comedy from the small, silent gestures to which any mascot is limited.

Take a look at his work in this hilarious Scotiabank commercial, for instance, as he struggles to sign his new debit card with his fingerless, felt hands:

Great supporting work by a bored Sparky the Dragon as well.

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This is just one in an incredible series of ads Scotiabank, otherwise known as the Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada's third-largest bank, is doing for their new NHL debit cards. Each features six NHL mascots -- Fin, Sparky, Carlton the Bear, Slapshot, Stinger, and S.J. Sharkie -- out on the town spending money, which they can now do with their fancy new cards. And each is hilarious.

There are eight in total. Let's watch them all.

Fin stars again in this one, in which he and Stinger kick it at a diner, with Stinger growing frustrated by his obsessive colouring.

I call "continuity error", though. How can he be so meticulous with his crayons but he can't hold a pen? Way to blow it, Scotiabank.


More fin. He's amazing in this one, in which the mascots play some debit card roulette to determine who's paying for lunch:

Meanwhile, Carlton is brilliant here, getting increasingly frustrated when the wait staff at a diner refuses to serve him. But he has a debit card!

Granted, he came in with a gun and without pants. One can understand why he might seem a little unstable.

More Carlton, as he comes out of hibernation like Frostillicus:

In this one, we learn that Stinger has a large family, I think.

But there are so many different species on display I have a hard time believing those are relatives. Maybe he just proudly shows off his insect pornography collection to bank tellers. Seems like someone who wears a hat like that would do.


In this one, Sharkie is a huge jerk to Slapshot:

And in this one, he's a huge jerk to the checkout clerk at the express line.

I think Sharkie might be a huge jerk.

And finally, Stinger wrecks a bunch of watermelons at the same grocery store.

Everything about these commercials is the best.