NHL lockout has ruined Christmas for children, according to this brilliant holiday song (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

The lockout continues unabated, which means we’re going to have no NHL this Christmas. Well, like, we usually don’t, because there are never any games scheduled, because it’s the NBA’s day, but … well, you get the point.

Kudos to Firebelly Sound for putting that fan holiday angst to music, and matching it with some of the greatest Christmas movies ever made – including an appearance by Chicago Blackhawks superfan Clark W. Griswold. As pop culture mash-ups go, this is awesome:

(Mega bonus points for using clips from “Just Friends”, which is our favorite cult holiday classic not named “The Ref”. Oh, and “Die Hard” doesn’t count in this category, because we consider it as much a legit Christmas movie as “Miracle on 34th Street.”)

As aside: Have you purchased, or do you expect to purchase, any NHL gifts for the holidays?

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