NHL lockout fan videos vs. Gary Bettman, Vol. 1

There's no question that frustrated hockey fans have more outlets through which to vent their angst in 2012 than in 2005. It's staggering to think what, for example, the video reactions to a cancelled season would have looked like. OK, maybe a bit more "frightening" than staggering.

Anyhoo, fans continue to use video as a way to cope with no hockey. And to mercilessly mock Gary Bettman. Here are three such examples, beginning with the adventures of Russell Kawaguchi in "NHL Fans vs. Bettman."

And really, Gary Bettman's pink sports coat and shorts are his most definable characteristics …

Here's Russell and Co. again, proud this time with a clip detailing what NHL players do during a lockout. Slo-mo!

Meanwhile, here is Rant Dog as NHL fans, meeting Gary Bettman at center ice:

Finally, here's Johnny Cash tribute artist Ward Cornforth with an ode to the NHL titled "The Next Hockey Season Comes Around":

Sample prose:

Though hockey won't be back here for a while/

To see Gary's smirk and Greedy style/

And we'll remember what went down/

He can't tell you how or when/

We'll be seeing hockey again/

Until the next season comes around…

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