NHL lockout explained in Gary Bettman’s bloody chainsaw, Ed Snider eating poutine, Taiwanese animation (VIDEO)

When we last heard from Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese video news agency had provided its take on Stanley Cup Playoff violence — a take that included Raffi Torres on rocket skates.

Now it's the NHL lockout's turn, as the history of labor strife between owners and players is explained in this brief, bloody clip that features a poutine-eating contest between Ed Snider and Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers; Zach Parise and Ryan Suter as high end gifts for the Minnesota Wild; and a crazed Gary Bettman sawing off the arms of the NHL and leaving bloody pools on the ice.

We'd tell to you enjoy, but that's practically guaranteed:

Our favorite moment: That every NHL owner has a disco bikini party inside their private box. And here we though it was just Leonsis.

Thanks to NMA for sending it along. And for this image …