NHL fan boycott: Will you support the Just Drop It initiative’s eye-for-an-eye approach?

Even when the lockout ends, the NHL fan anger will linger on. Well, at least among the fans that care. Hockey fans, apathy be thy name.

Many of us will look for an outlet to channel that frustration and, in theory, strike back against a league whose lockout has claimed 42.8 percent of the 2012-13 season thus far. One such avenue is being advocated by a fan group called Just Drop It:

From the effort's Facebook page, here's the Just Drop It mantra:

Here's how it works: For every NHL game cancelled after December 21st, we will boycott a game. As an example, if we lose ten games, then they'll lose the first ten games when they return—we'll refrain from watching it on TV, from going to a game, and from buying any merchandise for the duration of the ban. We will keep track of this for you on our Facebook page. This is an effective way for the loyal fans--who make the sport possible in the first place--to be heard. If enough of us do this, we will get some measure of respect from the league and the union. Perhaps they'll find this movement amusing, but they'd be wise to not underestimate us!

The Pledge: I pledge that for every game you take from me after December 21st I will refrain from attending any games, watching games on TV, and from buying any merchandise for the equivalent number of games after the lockout ends. You cancel one game…I'll take one from you. You take 20 from me… I'll skip the next 20….

Now, we assume this means if you're a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and they take, say, five games at the end of December from you that you boycott five when the league returns. Unless it's all the games that are lost for the league in total.

We had a fan suggest the 1-for-1 NHL boycott in a previous edition of The Vent last month; it's a worthy attempt at fan vengeance, save for a few facts.

For example:

• You're still coming back to the NHL after that designated period of time.

• Boycotting merchandise for a few days is like a mouse fart compared to the thunderclap of boycotting all NHL gear sales for, say, a full year.

• You're still coming back to the NHL after that designated period of time.

• Wouldn't it be more effective to boycott playoff games? We know … that's further torturing ourselves to score a point against the league. But still … wouldn't it?

• Have we mentioned you're still coming back to the NHL after that designated period of time.

Again: This isn't to bemoan the effort or the concept of fan action against the NHL and its players after this work stoppage. It's better than just taking this insult with a smile and an outstretched hand full of cash pointed at the NHL's direction.

But it does circle back to an eternal truth about this lockout, and the NHL's confidence to facilitating it: We're all coming back eventually when our boycotts are over.

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