On NHL Draft day, consider yourselves sufficiently mocked

The NHL Mock Draft has to be second only to the Major League Baseball mock draft in blind estimation and utter unpredictability. Take the Chicago Blackhawks: In seven different NHL Mock Drafts we surveyed, they were predicted to select five different players with the 11th pick: Colten Teubert, Colin Wilson, Zach Boychuk, Greg Nemiscz and Luca Sbisa. This whole thing pretty much makes Dr. Ian Malcolm's chaos theory look like an exact science by comparison.

Check out the following Mock Drafts at My NHL Draft, Draft Nation, The Hockey News, The National Post, TSN (what, no monkey?), The Milford Daily News (!), and Illegal Curve,which predicts the incredible pimp move of the New Jersey Devils selecting Jared Staal.

But without a doubt, the single most insane Mock Draft we've seen is at NHL Draft Site, which actually predicts all seven rounds of the NHL Draft. So according to that site, premature congratulations are in order for this year's Mr. Irrelevant: Anton Grundel of Sweden, taken at No. 211 by Detroit. Huzzah!

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