NHL continues commercial greatness with Winter Classic spot

Over the past few seasons, the commercials turned out by the NHL have really improved year to year. From "Cup Raise" in 2008 to last year's Emmy Award-winning Winter Classic promo incorporating the beloved aspects of Wrigley Field to the "Is This the Year?" and "Faith+" campaigns to kick off the past two seasons, it's become an unforgettable treat to see the NHL's marketing efforts jump up a notch.

Today, the NHL released their marketing campaign for the upcoming Winter Classic at Fenway Park in Boston, once again capturing the game's appeal by making the outdoor element a focal point.

The spot will run "throughout December on CBC, RDS, VERSUS, NHL Network, regional broadcast carriers, in-arenas, NHL.com and other digital sites." Missing from that list is NBC, but the League tells us that this commercial is focused on hockey fans while the one slated to hit NBC will appeal to the general sports fan.

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