NHL.com store once again fails in the pun department

Shop NHL has provided us with plenty of material in recent history. Please recall when the T-shirt signifying Alexander Ovechkin's(notes) 2008 Hart Trophy triumph leaked online shortly before the NHL Awards, as well as the poorly secured pages for the 2009 Stanley Cup champions gear.

For the upcoming CompuWare NHL Premiere Games in Sweden and Finland on October 2nd and 3rd, the NHL online store has once again released merchandise promoting the Detroit Red Wings-St. Louis Blues games in Stockholm and the Florida Panthers-Chicago Blackhawks tilts in Helsinki. And once again, the pun-machine was in full spin.

See what they did there?

I can understand saying "How Swede It Is" for the Red Wings-Blues games, with all the Swedish stars involved, but what exactly is happening "When Helsinki Freezes Over"? Is it when the NHL includes a team from Florida among three former Norris Division members?

If the "Swede" shirt sounds familiar, that's because it's the same pun used on last year's shirts promoting the Pittsburgh-Ottawa games in Stockholm. You're telling me there were no other good puns to use involving the word "Swede"?

Finally, you can enjoy watching the Premiere Games in this pretty sweet gaming chair featuring your favorite team's logo with built-in speakers, sub-woofer and plug-in support for electronic devices all while rocking out in your "Helsinki Freezes Over" T-shirt.

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