NHL CBA pessimism; Flyers ink Scott Hartnell; Mike Danton denied visa (Puck Headlines)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Here is handsome actor Billy Zane from his short-lived CBS series "Davy Crockett: Vampire Hunter" in which … oh, wait, this is Mark Messier from the SI Vault. Oh. My. Fur. [@SI_Vault]

• John Shannon explains the rules summit that the NHL is undertaking this week in light of the much more interesting and insightful R&D Camp that Brendan Shanahan headed in the last two years. [Sportsnet]

• Washington Post columnist Tom Boswell puts it out there: "It was clear that the NHL was more likely to lose games, or a season with a lockout than the NFL." [WaPo]

• If you've not read it, Tom Benjamin's CBA piece cuts right to the bone: It's about owners taking money from players, and not any sort of League-saving philosophical debate. Agree? Disagree? [Canucks Corner]

• The 25 alternatives to Gary Bettman, as presented in a Bleacher Report slideshow. Vince McMahon and David Hasselhoff make the list.[BR]

• "Hockey, booze threatened in looming labour unrest." The bastards … [The Province]

• This news was originally reported in July by CSN Bay Area, but David Pollak just wrote a followup: The San Jose Sharks claim they lost $15 million last season. [Mercury News]

• Scott Hartnell signs a six-year contract with the Philadelphia Flyers, following Wayne Simmonds' six-year contract with the Flyers, following James van Riemsdyk's six-year contract with the Flyers and brand new locker with the Leafs. Said Hartnell: "I am very happy to be staying in Philly to continue my career playing in front of the best fans in the NHL." [Flyers]

• Interesting bit about the Nashville Predators' TV ratings and how they can improve. [On The Forecheck]

• Bourne on the Dallas Stars and their "semi-shady dealings" in finding a team physician. This probably could have been its own column, if it wasn't already: "As a player, I couldn't care less about the business-side of the team I play for as long as my paycheck keeps coming and there aren't any other major needs." [Backhand Shelf]

• And here's a news release on those dealings. [Heika]

• Bummer: Mike Danton "had his visa application rejected last week, the Coventry Blaze announced Monday. The team, which plays in the Elite Ice Hockey League, said Danton plans to submit a secondary application to the UK Border Agency." [CP]

• Yet another Hockeyy Insiderr interview. [Dave Davis]

• Where oh where does Bobby Butler fit with the New Jersey Devils? [In Lou We Trust]

• On the Canadian Hockey League's players' union: "Getting 60 per cent of CHL players to sign a union card within a short timeframe would be exceedingly difficult, especially when one factors in that most count on advice from agents and parents who likely have strong feelings about unions. Is a player who's on the bubble to stick with his team, or an overager who's out of the league next season, going to sign? And how would a CHLPA withhold services and risk losing valuable development time?" [Buzzing The Net]

• RIP Danny Briere's mom, gone too soon at 60. [Broad Street Hockey]

• Finally, "Aeron Hockey from Vitalityweb" … a.k.a. the official chair of office hockey.

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