NHL 14 predicts Boston Bruins as Stanley Cup champs, which means it won't happen

EA Sports

As the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs approach, it's that time of year where everyone is in the prediction business. You'll hear crowing from those who made stellar choices over the next two months and utter silence when what they expected to happen doesn't even come close to reality; like if some idiot thought the Boston Bruins were going to get swept in 2010.

Speaking of the Bruins, EA Sports has used NHL 14 to simulate the playoffs for another year and the team from Boston comes up as Stanley Cup champions in the end.

According to EA, "The simulation is conducted by using artificial intelligence within NHL 14 that uses real-life data from each player to predict a realistic outcome of each game."

Given the game's most recent pre-playoff predictions, you should bet your hard earned money that it won't happen. Here's who the NHL series has thought would lift the Cup over the last six years and when their season ended:

2008: San Jose Sharks (2nd round)

2009: Boston Bruins (2nd round)

2010: Pittsburgh Penguins (2nd round)

2011: Vancouver Canucks (Stanley Cup Final)

2012: New York Rangers (Conference Final)

2013: St. Louis Blues (1st round)

NHL 14 predicts what will likely be a common Stanley Cup Final choice (/raises hand) with the Bruins facing off against the San Jose Sharks and winning in six games. Tuukka Rask takes home Conn Smythe honors.

So, congrats to the other 15 NHL teams. Your Stanley Cup odds have just improved.

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