In new ‘NHL 14′ fighting engine, players must abide by ‘The Code’ (Video)

The first-person fighting engine featured in the recent NHL games by EA Sports felt very robotic, like Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. It wasn't as fun of an experience that a videogame hockey fight should be. This is why we're happy to hear NHL 14 will feature the Fight Night engine, which looks like it'll improve your pugilistic experience:

For the video impaired:

• Every player on the ice will interactive. While two players square off, others can jostle with one another.

• The prizes players get from fights -- black eyes, cuts, etc. -- will stay on their faces for the rest of that game.

• In NHL 14, "The Code" exists, so if you lay out Claude Giroux or [2013-14 Philadelphia Flyers goaltender], you're going to have to answer to someone like Braydon Coburn.

• Size matters; so don't think Nathan Gerbe will be like Little Mac from Mike Tyson's Punch Out in NHL 14.

• And goalie fights remain in the game, so if you're the LA Kings playing the Chicago Blackhawks, maybe, just maybe, Corey Crawford accepts the invitation from Jonathan Bernier.

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