For the next week, it's just us

Good morning! I hope you're enjoying your breakfast and toast so big it could barely fit through the door.

Welcome to "Leahy Week" at Puck Daddy. For the next seven days or so, we'll be remembering the Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup championship, examine the greatness of Ice Girls, and introduce you to the Cobra Commander Twitter (hint: it's not really him).

Honestly, Wysh never did tell me when he's coming back so I hope we don't all begin to develop "abandoned child syndrome" and can get through this week together.

In all seriousness, we're going to have as much fun as we can talking puck in the middle of August. Our "5 Reasons I Love Hockey" series will continue on Monday. I'll offer some suggestions for the future of the NHL Network. And let's hope Dany Heatley(notes) and Mats Sundin(notes) make up their minds so we have something other than player insurance and Jim Balsillie to talk about.

We'll be a bit slower this week, but do check out my Twitter feed for any breaking news as well as the Y! Sports hockey page. If you have any story tips, hokey ideas, bathtub gin recipes, or just want to talk puck then hit up the Puck Daddy email at

Coming up today: Another edition of "The Chronicles of Stanley", this time featuring the pride and joy of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

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