NBC Los Angeles thinks the LA Kings are the Sacramento Kings (PHOTO)

Los Angeles is a busy sports city these days. With the Clippers, Lakers and Kings still in contention for their respective championships, there's a lot to cover. And with two basketball teams to one hockey team, you can understand why basketball might still be dominating the conversation.

But this embarrassing screengrab from NBC4 News in Los Angeles -- again, that's in Los Angeles -- is beyond the pale:

See, this is why the L.A. Kings' Twitter account has to work so hard.

This is the second time something like this has happened, as a Miami news station in Florida got the Florida Panthers' logo mixed up with the Florida International University Panthers back in the first round. But this is worse. This is the local NBC affiliate mixing up a team in the Western Conference finals.

Hey now, NBC4, you might want to focus up and investigate the difference between basketball's Sacramento Kings and the hockey's Los Angeles Kings. Because one of them is in the playoffs in your city, and the other is neither in the playoffs nor in your city.

A helpful tip: look for the word "SACRAMENTO" on the Kings' logo. If it's there, it's a team from Sacramento.

That's the funniest part. The second funniest part is the notion that the Sacramento Kings would still be in the playoffs. I was already questioning NBC4's hockey knowledge; now I question its basketball knowledge.

s/t to Awful Announcing and Scott Whalen.

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