Nazem Kadri sent home after being late to team meeting

Nazem Kadri sent home after being late to team meeting

Could the Maple Leafs get any worse? In the theory that dysfunction breeds more dysfunction, forward Nazem Kadri was late to a team meeting Sunday morning. So interim coach Peter Horachek sent him home. Whoa nelly …

From the Toronto Sun:

“He missed a meeting, so I sent him home,” Horachek said. “He showed up, but not when I was doing it.” Will Kadri be in the lineup tomorrow night when the New York Islanders visit the Air Canada Centre? “He is available if I want him,” Horachek said.

First off, does anyone find it funny that the Maple Leafs practice at a place called the MasterCard Centre for Hockey Excellence? Beyond Toronto’s record and circus atmosphere, what a hilarious name.

So as for players on Toronto who have created drama, add Kadri to Joffrey Lupul, Dion Phaneuf and Phil Kessel to that list. 

Also, you have to wonder if Kadri, who has 16 goals in 64 games this year, didn’t reset his clock for spring forward? That’s actually a slightly plausible excuse. Or maybe he's just ticked about a meeting after getting slammed 6-1 on Saturday night against St. Louis.

Lastly, you have to feel bad for Horachek. Every day it’s something else with this team. You do get the sense he’s doing all he can, but at the end of the day, it’s like he’s just doomed to fail with this team.

What is the long-term goal here? You have guys this team needs to get rid of. Egos that don't mesh with the atmosphere there.

It's just a nightmare. Someone needs to take a photo of Team President Brendan Shanahan before he took the job and then compare it to how he looks on the last day of the regular season.

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