Nate Silver on Canada’s Cup drought; hockey’s sexy final four; David Krejci, cannibal (Puck Headlines)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Jaromir Jagr seduces you with his well-maintained playoff beard. [Facebook]

• Superstar statistician Nate Silver on Canada's Stanley Cup drought. Super interesting read. [NY Times]

• People are pretty stoked on this final four. It's good, I guess, but it needs more #Lumbus, in my opinion. [The Globe & Mail]

• David Krejci "can eat you alive". He's hockey's Hannibal Lecter. [Post-Gazette]

• Mirtle has the inside story of Sidney Crosby's broken jaw and his recovery since. [Globe and Mail]

• Breaking down the systems employed by the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins. [The Hockey Writers]

• If Boston hopes to defeat Pittsburgh, they're going to have to overcome Pittsburgh's depth with depth of their own. So Claude Julien has the whole team reading Heidegger. [CSNNE]

• Chicago and Detroit's Game 7 set record ratings for NBC Sports Network. No wonder they wanted it to go for longer omg conspiracy!!!1! [Sherman Report]

• The LA Kings talk about how you shut down Jonathan Toews. Colin Fraser: "You shut him down, and Detroit was doing a good job of shutting him and Kane down. He wants to score goals and help his team to win. The less we can do that and hopefully that the more frustrated he can get. Get him off his game. Within the rules." [LA Times]

• Police in Alberta have charged three women with fighting at a children's hockey game. "A verbal exchange about obscene language being used around the youngsters led to one woman punching another, pulling her hair out and throwing her to the ground. A third woman then kicked the victim." [Global News]

• The San Jose Sharks must decide is Brent Burns is better at forward, on the blueline, or in a wildlife reserve. [Mercury News]

• Raffi Torres wants to return to San Jose. [CSN Bay Area]

• Jeff Schultz wants out of Washington. “My agent and I thought there has got to be somewhere else where a team needs a player like myself and I can be utilized a lot more than I was here,” Schultz said Thursday afternoon. “It was like I was a young first year player again with them. They didn’t have that trust in me that they could put me out there in tough situations or even in the third period.” [Washington Post]

• Justin Williams: crazy underrated. I think it's his boring name, personally. [Backhand Shelf]

• Want to understand hockey better? Marry a Canadian. [Chicago Now]

• The NHL combine sounds humiliating. The photo at the top of this article drives it home for me. I don't know about you, but if my shirt comes off in the presence of a woman and she breaks out a clipboard and starts jotting down notes, my shirt is coming right back on and I'm going home. [Winnipeg Free Press]

• Nate Ewell on how college hockey alumni are taking over the NHL broadcasting world. [SB Nation]

• Speaking of statistical analysis, can one develop a methodology to gain an upper hand in the Buccigross Overtime Challenge? No. [Bruins Daily]

• Will Roberto Luongo even report to the Canucks if he isn't traded this offseason? [Canucks Army]

• And finally, nine-year-old Carter Frost is better at shootouts than you.

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