Nashville Predators create most American video about American hockey players in American history

Let’s see:

Screeching bald eagles? Check.

Apple pie? Check.

Hulk Hogan’s immortal theme song “Real American”, a song so powerful it’s known to make grown men rip their shirts off and flex in a feat of patriot glory? Check.

The presence of U.S. born players like Matt Cullen, Seth Jones, Colin Wilson and Craig Smith? Check.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Nashville Predators’ stirring ode to America, presented by a franchise whose two best players are Canadian and Finnish and whose coach is from Manitoba:

‘MERICA! That sound you just heard was Ryan Lambert getting turgid ...

The only way this could have been more quintessentially American is if the website hosting it didn't work ... (ohhh, topical!)

Kudos on the restraint shown here by Nashville, by the way, considering we thought this video would end up being a montage of red carpet shots from the CMA Awards.

By the way, “Robocop” only succeeded because of its Dutch director and hot dogs wouldn’t exist without the Germans. Although we were impressed that every member of the G.I. Joe team pictured was American born, outside of Snake-Eyes, whose city of origin is classified.

s/t Ben Mathewson