NAHL’s Junior K-Wings sing One Direction, suggest getting some, living while we’re young (VIDEO)

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When we last heard from the Kalamazoo Wings, they were putting the boom-boom into our hearts, cheerfully asking us to wake them up before we go-go in a video that had nearly everything: bad lip synching, bad dancing, bad camera work, bad filters.

But one thing that K-Wings video didn't have was a part for the Junior K-Wings, their partners in the North American Hockey League. After all, these kids know nothing about Wham!. Most of them weren't born until 1994, seven years after Wham! disbanded. No sir, they need a track that celebrates their youth, not bewilders them because of it. A track like, oh, how about One Direction's "Live While We're Young".

As best as I can gather, One Direction are this generation's Backstreet Boys, except instead of being able to dance or harmonize with one another, they have Twitter accounts.

Now listen, you're probably thinking you'll sit this one out. After all, it's a team you've never heard of dancing to a song you probably don't care much for. But here's why you should still give it a chance: the acting in the first five seconds alone is so horrendous it's worth clicking through:

"That K-Wings music video was pretty good huh."

"I think we could do a better one though that everyone loves?"

"Yeah let's do a music video."

Then the music starts. You could bail at this point too, but then you'd miss the staggering charisma of Mikhail Bushinski, who not only has his boy band eye-grope down pat, but knows the words to the song inside and out.

And sure, you could leave after that, but then you'd miss the sight of an entire team of hockey players high-fiving each other SO HARD in the hallway as they sing One Direction.

Finally, if you go once you've seen that, you'll miss some serious green-screen action, including Junior K-Wings on the moon, Junior K-Wings on Mount Everest, the Junior K-Wings at the aquarium -- and trust me, you don't want to miss Junior K-Wings at the aquarium.

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